Welcome to the DEpendable Evolvable Pervasive Software Engineering (DEEP-SE) group at Dipartimento di Elettronica e Informazione, Politecnico di Milano.

The DEEP-SE group conducts research on techniques, tools, and frameworks for the development of complex software systems. It encompasses a variety of aspects of such systems, ranging from modeling and analysis issues in the early phases of their development, to issues related to their implementation and runtime management and optimization.

The group also investigates the economic and strategic impact of software on industry and society in general. The applications that are the focus of this research group can be characterized, in varying degrees and flavors, as distributed, pervasive, adaptive, reconfigurable, dynamic and critical.

Formal languages and techniques for the modeling and verification of the target applications play a central role in the research activity of the group. Most of the research activities eventually lead to software prototypes and experimentation. Yet various members of the group are also committed to methodological and theoretical investigation.

Matteo Rossi

Gianpaolo Cugola

Marco Scavuzzo

Pierluigi San Pietro

Eugenio Gianniti

Anita Imani

Alfonso Fuggetta

Mohammad Mehdi Pourhashem Kallehbasti

Raffaela Mirandola

Dino Mandrioli

Sam Jesus Alejandro Guinea Montalvo

Mikhail Afanasov

Damian Andrew Tamburri

Mehrnoosh Askarpour

Luciano Baresi

Luca Mottola

Alessandro Margara

Marcello M. Bersani

Elisabetta Di Nitto

Angelo Morzenti

Naveed Anwar Bhatti

Carlo Ghezzi

Danilo Filgueira Mendonša

Marco Miglierina

Giovanni Quattrocchi

Matteo Pradella

Danilo Ardagna

Timo Kehrer

Konstantin Rubinov