Mohammad Mehdi Pourhashem Kallehbasti
Post-doc Researcher

I am a PhD candidate at Politecnico di Milano (DEIB). My supervisor is professor Luciano Baresi. My current research field is Formal Verification of UML Models. I am working on our verification tool, Corretto that covers a set of UML Diagrams (Sequence Diagrams, State Machines, Interaction Overview Diagram, ...). After extending Corretto to cover Sequence Diagrams with Combined Fragments, I am working on a new encoding of TRIO Logic to Bitvector Logic to be fed into Z3 smt-solver, as a step towards addressing Bounded Model Checking scalability problem.

Previous researches:
I have worked on Software Engineering, Machine Learning, Data Mining, Fuzzy Logic and Bioinformatics. My M.Sc. thesis entitled "A Method for Estimating Missing Value in Microarray Data Using Fuzzy Clustering and Genes Semantic Similarity" proposes a new method that can estimate missing values in microarray data while outperforming other compared approaches. I implemented the algorithm in Matlab, and it is practic


Room 304 Piano 3 Edificio 22 via Golgi, 42 - 20133 - Milano (Italy)

Contact Information

pourhashem.kallehbasti (at)


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