Luigi Manco

Luigi Manco graduated in Computer Engineering in October 2012, at University of Salento (Italy), with a thesis concerning image-guided micro-invasive surgery systems. It was a result of a 6-mounths internship at the Vicomtech-IK4 Spanish research centre. Currently, Dr. Manco is a PhD student at the Department of Innovation Engineering of the University of Salento and visiting scholar at DEIB of Polytechnic of Milano, collaborating with Prof. Luciano Baresi. His research topics follow out two main streams: Agile development methodologies and Software Engineering metrics analysis on real case studies and semantic-based Multi-Agent Systems for Smart Environments.
The current research projects in collaboration with Polytechnic focus on a statistical analysis of the effects in introducing agile methodologies in real industrial software projects and on a survey on the state of art of the Multi-Agent Systems frameworks.

Contact Information

luigi.manco (at)